Beautiful things don´t ask for attention.


Or do they?... Among all beautiful things I´m showing on this web page, somewhere there´s that little someone that made you come here.


I try to live my life more wanting than needing. Finding and being in the things that I value, without looking for, taking or owning them. Experiencing and then leaving that moment forever. Without physical memories. Though with the opportunity to write, sing and taking photos - it´s a challenge. Just like life is a balance between “you can´t” and “but I want to”. It´s all an answer where I´m showing you this creative path of my life.


The trying to be the puppy in the now, showing euphoric love to everyone, everything and then move on – is a new behaviour. Or maybe it´s just my unconsciousness going conscious. For many years writing expressed what my dreams and thoughts had to say. And then I discovered how my guitar and piano always had time to listen. My camera made it all more quick and easy.

Fractions from all my creativity with the pictures that I show here are where most of the people are unidentifiable. And all photos are taken in public places or with permission. I photograph spontaneously without bigger planning and some pics are just being shown here for a short period. In addition everything´s without any offensive content, advertising and commercial marketing purposes.


Only light and sharpness are changed in the pictures and I´ve photographed mainly people I don´t know. May I also remind everyone that all the material on this web page is © and under federal copyright law. All rights are reserved. Do not duplicate or redistribute in any form without my permission. Just ask, I like generous solutions :)


It´s all a way of seeing the brighter things instead of the dark sides. Choosing the yes in every moment. Knowing what is living when there´s nowhere to go except dying. All the darkness around us is natural with a meaning and purpose, forcing every living creature to see the brighter things. The white letters against the black.


Life is beautiful everywhere.

And you are welcome.